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Ready-to-use Embedded Security Solutions

emCrypt for secure Applications

The building blocks for today's secure protocols

emCrypt provides the building blocks for today's secure protocols. Security has never been so important with the explosion of devices that are now connected to the Internet. emCrypt has proven itself within SEGGER and is the foundation that emSSL, emSSH and emSecure-RSA, emSecure-ECDSA are built upon.

Main Features
  • Supports modern cryptography standards
  • NIST-validated implementations of many algorithms
  • Secure, fast, and cleanly-written code
  • Extensive 2,000 page manual covering all API features and functions
  • Decoupled implementation links only what you need
  • … and more
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Use Digital Signatures to protect your products

emSecure is an RSA based software solution to authenticate digital assets. It can be used to secure products at no per unit cost against hacking and cloning.

Main Features

  • RSA - Dual keys, private and public make it 100% safe
  • Hardware-independent, any CPU, no additional hardware needed
  • High performance, small memory footprint
  • Simple API, easy to integrate
  • Applicable for new and existing products
  • … and more
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SEGGER emSSH - Secure Shell

emSSH is a software library that enables secure login to your embedded system. emSSH offers the possibility to establish a secured connection to any server application in your product. It can be used both target independent in native computer applications, as well as in embedded targets.

Why emSSH?

  • emSSH offers a wide range of options for maximum compatibility.
  • emSSH can be configured for minimal memory footprint for small memory systems.
  • emSSH is a high quality product designed to be used easily but without limitations.
  • emSSH is not covered by an open-source or required-attribution license and can be integrated in any free, commercial, or proprietary product without the obligation to disclose the combined source.
  • emSSH is provided as source code and offers transparency for all included modules, allowing inspection by auditors.
  • emSSH is portable. The complete software is written in ANSI C and is compiler and target independent. It can be implemented in PC applications and in embedded designs.
  • emSSH is configurable. It is created for high performance and a low memory footprint. The library can be configured to fit any speed or size requirements. Unused features can be excluded, additional features can easily be added.
emSSH is a complete package and comes with everything needed to secure communication.

It includes all modules which implement the required functionality to use SSH. They are provided in source code, to allow complete control of the code that is used in the product and create transparency to avoid worries about possible back doors or weakness in code, which cannot be checked in precompiled libraries.

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