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TEST the BEST Software Products in Class:

Software and Documentation
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This is your opportunity to download and test software and read the full documentation from SEGGER, PERCEPIO and RAZORCAT before you decide to buy.

The evaluation editions of SEGGER, PERCEPIO and RAZORCAT software are free of charge.

The only requirement is that you need to register with us. There is NO risk and NO further obligation on your side.

Test & Evaluate PERCEPIO’s TRACEALYZER Visualization Tool:

You can download and test the following versions of TRACEALYZER:
  • FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32
  • TRACEALYZER for Linux
  • TRACEALYZER for VxWorks
  • TRACEALYZER for On Time RTOS-32

There is a Free Edition and a Professional Edition available.

The Free Edition gives you a scheduling trace, i.e., the relative timing of tasks and interrupts, and some timing statistics.

The Professional Edition gives you much more functionality. The trace view then also shows kernel calls (e.g., queue and mutex operations), user events (application logging events), and more than graphical views showing different aspects of this data. The Professional Edition also identifies related events, such as the matching send/receive events of a particular queue message, and highlights this on selection.

The best way to experience the differences is however to download and try for yourself. You can easily switch between the two editions using the “Demo” option on the Welcome screen and under the File menu.

Both editions are included in our single FreeRTOS+Trace installer. Using the Free Edition does not require a license key. Just use the “Evaluate” option initially and take the opportunity to explore the premium features. When the evaluation period ends, the “Evaluate” button is changed to “Free Edition”.


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Test & Evaluate SEGGER Software:

You can download and test the following software products from SEGGER:
  • SEGGER Embedded Studio
  • embOS RTOS for all supported MCU architectures
  • embOS/IP
  • emFile
  • emLoad
  • emUSB Device
  • emUSB Host
  • emWin
  • J-Link Software

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Test & Evaluate RAZORCAT Software:

You can download and test the following software products from RAZORCAT:
  • TESSY v4.0

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